Sea Dog Body Surfing Hand Plane

Sea Dog Body Surfing Hand Plane


Crafted from Reclaimed Douglas Fir with American Cherry Stringer.

Stainless Steel hardware.

Shaped on Long Island.

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Clean lines, man, clean lines. That's what it's about, and what you'll be drawing with this. Our most popular model of hand plane, and for a good reason. It looks nice, and it performs nicer, the perfect size and user friendliness, and the good feeling you get in your heart when you realize you didn't contribute to more land fill waste or carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

Look for the slightly more elusive, yet still existent, Sun Fish model, if you like some flair in your tail.

Or, for real treasure hunters, find the Sea Wolf, with it's ridiculous bottom contours that would make even the hardest Captain melt into the pocket.