diStasio mkII Body Surfing Hand Plane

diStasio mkII Body Surfing Hand Plane


Crafted from reclaimed skateboard decks. Taking others garbage and turning into a tool for whomp sessions.

Named after a dude who body surfed a wave of molasses and lived to tell the tale.

Stainless steel hardware.

Shaped on Long Island.

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Old skateboard decks don't really have a use, unless it's getting barreled in waves. These are cool, because the natural concave of the boards let's us shape them in a way that maximizes bottom contours. For those that don't know, concave=lift. And lift, good people, is the key to staying in the green room. 

Will you make it out? Chances are, no. That's not the point to bodysurfing, though. It's about maximizing fun when things aren't that hot. Pair these with some good swim fins, and you're golden.