Pre Hollowdaze Rambles

It's November. Whether you like it not, the Holiday season is here. It seems like it was yesterday that you could surf without a wetsuit until 8 o clock at night. Now it's borderline 4/3 until 6:15 pm. So it goes.

With all this being said. it's time to start prepping for the upcoming rush. Take a look around the site. I don't want to sound like a money hungry CEO, but you should by our stuff. Why? Because 100% of these goods are made by hand in one way or another. From designs on the computer, to shooting screens, to dumpster diving for precious wood, there's someone getting their hands dirty for other people's enjoyment. We believe it shows in everything we sell. 

Sure, you can order shirts from big time companies for cheap. They were printed overseas by robots, most likely. Not us. Never (well, maybe if a couple grand just magically appeared overnight...). You can buy a plastic molded handplane. It will stick around for a couple million years polluting the planet, though. Regardless of what you buy and who you buy it from, just think about the care and process and integrity that went in to making it.

Now let's eat some turkey.


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Will Holmes